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Mama’s Blogs

Our Thin Crust Pizza in Whitby Has Gourmet Toppings

Top specialty pizza at Mamma's Pizza

Thin crust pizza in Whitby is fast becoming one big seller in our new restaurant there. Why not take a moment to look through the specials that we have listed? The Pizza and Wings special is easy to order. All you need to do is click on the tab and you’ll get a 500 mL bottle of pop, one free dipping sauce of your choice, eight pieces of chicken wings and of course a medium meat Amore pizza.

Large Pizza

The Sweet Feast contains a large pizza with any four toppings of your choosing. You also get two cans of pop and a slice of buttered rum caramel eggnog cheesecake. Any of these pizza choices plus the other ones on our menu come in different sizes.

Family Size

We like to suggest the 18 inch family size that comes with 12 slices of your choice. That way there’s always enough so you can send your guests home with whatever extra is left over.

Other customers in Whitby prefer the 12 inch medium. That comes with eight slices and they find it’s just enough for a small gathering at home.

Alfredo Sauce with Thin Crust Pizza in Whitby

We have quite a few different choices at our Whitby location that will make your mouth water. Mammas Chicken Alfredo pizza is a good example. The marinated chicken breast is covered in fresh delicious mushrooms and our special Alfredo sauce.


There’s a selection of vegetarian pizzas to choose from as well. The latest is called The Spicy Vegetarian. When you order this item you’ll get hot pepper rings, red onions and green peppers. There’s more. We’ve added cheese , mushrooms and our fresh tomato sauce to make this a culinary delight.

Special and Delicious

Our Whitby restaurant gets quite a few orders for Mamma’s Potato Pizza because it’s special and delicious of the same time. The roasted potatoes are always fresh. The same goes for the broccoli, spinach and cheddar cheese that gets sprinkled on top.

Like everything else on our menu, you can order this thin crust pizza in Whitby online. The family size is a good choice because it comes with 12 slices so there will be enough for everyone. Finally, why not take a few minutes to check out the nutritional info we’ve posted on our website? It tells you everything you need to know about every slice of pizza you eat.