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Our Yonge Street North of Bloor Location Caters

Get best pizza and salas options at Mamma's Pizza Yonge street north of Bloor or Burlington locations

Mamma’s Pizza prides itself on having something for everyone and our location at 807 Yonge St. in Toronto is no exception. We have a welcoming warm atmosphere and friendly staff that can help you make the most out of an intimate or larger family gathering.

The Mammas Pizza that you see at this Yonge Street north of Bloor locale was founded in 1957. Lidia Danesi grew up in a quaint small village on the top of a mountain in the Tuscany area of Italy. When she came to Canada, she brought her desire to help everyone find delicious meals that were heartwarming and healthy.

Not only that, she built the foundation for the restaurant as it is today on old world charm and good values. That’s why we still make the pizza dough fresh on the premises daily —that’s the way she did it and the way we’re sure she’d want it done today.

Catering from Our 807 Yonge Street Location

Some time ago, we decided to add a catering department to our other menu choices. The reason was simple. Our clients asked us how they could get our delicious food delivered to their family events or business meetings.

They knew that our attention to detail which included only the freshest ingredients would be a hit and  help to make memories that would last a lifetime at any kind of event. Because we like to be traditional, we’ve started listing our menu choices in the catering part of our business with garlic bread. Of course, you can get various sizes of this delicious appetizer delivered directly and we even have garlic bread with cheese for those who want it.

Other Choices

There are some other choices that are sure to put a smile on the faces of any guests you have. For example, our hearty chicken wing tray comes in a variety of delicious flavors that include barbecue as well as honey garlic. Your adventuresome guests will want to try the heart or suicide flavor but we also carry medium for the people who prefer things toned down a little bit.

There’s more choices and some delicious add-ons that you can add including rosé sauce and meatballs. The Fettuccini Alfredo tray is always guaranteed to be made of the freshest ingredients. This entrée is sautéed and simmered in a cheese and cream sauce.