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Mama’s Blogs

Perfecting Pizza Presentation

Best pizza toppings for all ages in Ontario

There’s more to the average pizza than meets the eye although those first impressions are always one of the most important aspects. That’s where a good presentation comes in. Presenting a pizza properly only builds the excitement and anticipation and at the risk of giving away some company secrets, here are a few things that we’ve learned over the years.

  • If you look at a slice of pizza as a work of art and the white cheese background as a canvas, it makes sense that you’ll want to put some vibrant colors on it. Red and yellow peppers always present an enticing contrast here.
  • The background is just as important. A checkered tablecloth and some carefully hung pictures around the table create an ambience where people can enjoy great food and an excellent atmosphere. Even the smallest things like a peppermill in the center of that tablecloth create a better dining experience.
  • It’s important to see all different shapes and sizes when it comes to this delicious food and not just the common round pizza. Rectangles and squares work just as well and even odd shapes for special occasions like a tennis racket when someone’s won the big tournament.

We are always thinking of how we can improve your dining experience here at Mamma’s Pizza.