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Pizza Boat. Coming To Your Neighbourhood Soon?

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Look around and  you will find stories about pizza all over the press. To those of us who really love this food that’s not a surprise at all. However, there are some rather interesting parts of the world that come up with some creative solutions to make sure they can get a slice now and again.

Everyone should read the great story about how pizza is going to be available on the high seas thanks to some enterprising New York folks. This is the brainchild of a few entrepreneurs who decided the people in the US Virgin Islands needed to be able to get pizza just like everybody else

If you check out the story of their boat online, you’ll see it’s a great advertisement for the business because the menus hang off the side so you can order while the boat is actually floating by. All you need to do is order and have a dinghy so that you can sail up to the pickup window which is always ready to serve your favorite type of New York style deep dish pizza.

These people are also innovative. There pizza boat even has the ability to take your order via email.