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Mama’s Blogs

5 Reasons to Use Our Pizza Catering in Etobicoke Services

Mammas Pizza is proud of our pizza catering in Etobicoke services. The food we offer can add a special touch to any event. It’s prepared with the same loving care as everything else on our menu. Everything is prepared so your special event or location is a memorable part of your life.

Here are five reasons to use this service. We are looking forward to helping you with your next event.

You’ll Save On Time

Planning an event can be both time-consuming and exhausting. You need to plan the menu, look after the food, actually serve the guests, and clean up afterward.

That’s where our pizza catering in Etobicoke services come in handy. There are different sizes to choose from that go all the way up to 21” x 15” party size.

There’s Less Stress

If you’re planning a family event, you want to be able to enjoy it. Planning for food can be stressful. Why not have one of our house specialty meat pizzas catered in instead?

We Look After All The Details

Mammas Pizza has the patience, experience, and skill to make your event memorable with our pizza choices. For example, our spicy vegan pizza comes with our famous tomato sauce and bruschetta.

You’ll Get Peace of Mind

Part of planning any event is worrying about the food. There is no need to wonder if your guests will like the choices when you add pizza to the menu. The build-your-own pizza option we offer starts with basic tomato sauce and cheese.

The Food is Delicious

Any pizza choices that you order from us can be delivered piping hot to your event. Don’t forget that there are free toppings, traditional toppings, and gourmet toppings, so everyone gets what they want.

Don’t overlook delicious toppings like caramelized onions and roasted garlic, as well as broccoli and butter chicken.

Delicious Cheese

We also offer a variety of delicious cheese, including feta and goat, to name a few. We can help with your special event regardless of the number of guests and location.

Mammas Pizza wants to help you make a special occasion memorable. That’s why we also offer gluten-free dough and whole wheat dough, as well as some pizza dips. These dips come in a variety of different flavors, including Ranch and Marinara, as well as Roasted Garlic and Cheddar Chipotle.