Pizza clothes: So you can wear and eat your favourite food

If you’re reading these blogs,  you’re more than likely in that group of people who loves pizza more than anything else. If you had your way, you’d more than likely eat pizza every day. But what about wearing clothes that told everybody how much you loved this Italian dish? Well, here are some pizza clothes that we’ve found on the Internet that might be just the thing you’re looking for.

If you take a close look online, you will see there are many pizza novelty items that you can wear including T-shirts with sayings like “pizza inside” over your belly. People with more elaborate tastes can even have coats decorated with large pepperonis on the design so you look like a walking advertisement for your favorite slice of pizza.

Maybe one of the best things we’ve seen so far is a child’s hat that’s shaped just like a slice so you can keep the sun off your head and pretend to keep those mushrooms warm at the same time. If you decide to start wearing pizza clothing to school, everyone will know what your favourite food is and you might even be able to start a club.