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Pizza Delivery East York: Simple and Convenient

Build Your Own Pizza at Mamma's Pizza in Ontario

When you start looking at the items we have on our menu, we’re confident you’ll want to know more about our pizza delivery in East York services. Mammas Pizza has gone out of its way to make ordering online simple and convenient

Looking to establish a new account? All you need to do to get started is add your phone number. Registered users already have a username and password that they can plug in to get started.

Having your choices delivered is easy. Sorting through all the delicious food we have to offer is fun but a little more difficult.

Some of our clients are surprised to find out that our delivery services include delicious pastas.

For example, you can order fresh spaghetti that’s been sautéed with garlic and fresh onions and have it delivered to your home or office. Either way this delicious entrée comes simmered in a fresh tomato sauce.

Garlic Bread

You’ll get the same two complementary pieces of garlic bread delivered that you would if you ordered and eaten in our restaurant.

That goes for the Fettuccini as well. Remember we always use fresh ingredients and that includes the parsley and onions in this delicious menu choice.

Pizza Delivery In East York For Special Occasions

We pride ourselves on quick and efficient delivery of pizzas. It doesn’t matter whether you order online for your home or office. You’ll be able to get anything on our menu including the brand-new spicy vegetarian delivered. The hot pepper rings and red onions as well as the green peppers and mushrooms will be fresh when they arrive.

The same goes for the ingredients in Mammas European classic pizza. Take a few minutes before you order to check out the different sizes of pizzas that we offer. We always like to recommend that you order the 18 inch family size that has 12 slices so you can save a little for the next day.

Taste Buds

If you take a look through our menu, you will find something that will tickle your taste buds. Our pizza delivery in East York covers everything including the desserts. The gluten-free strawberry cheesecake you will find there is topped with delicious chocolate shavings and strawberry swirls. If you order the chocolate brownie mousse for delivery, it will arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat!