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Pizza Delivery Etiquette

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We all know how much fun it is eating pizza. In fact people enjoy munching away on this traditional treat so much they want it delivered right to their homes. We suggest that the next time you call for a delicious pizza with all the extras on top, you take just a few extra minutes to consider the etiquette that means you’re treating the delivery person with the respect they deserve.

One of the most important things to remember that tipping the pizza delivery driver is just as important as tipping the waitress or waiter in a restaurant. There is a different standard when it comes to tipping these drivers and one of the factors you should consider is the fact these workers use their own vehicles and pay for the gas themselves.

While there are different ways to arrive at a tip that is fair, one equations matches that cost of a litre of gas for every $20 on the bill.  There are some instances where you don’t need to tip like on those rare occasions when you get the wrong order,  but overall, it’s considered proper etiquette to put something aside for these hard working people that bring you these tasty treats.