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Pizza Delivery in East York That Handles Any Size

Best Pizza Place in Dundas Street West, Toronto

Mammas Pizza delivery in East York service handles any size pizza that you order. Some of our customers order the 10 inch small that has six slices. It’s perfect for one or two people while you are watching a sports event or Netflix.

Some people order a 16 inch extra large for delivery. It’s no wonder when you consider that Mammas barbecue chicken and bacon cheddar melt pizza has a seasoned BBQ chicken breast that’s smothered with cheese and barbecue sauce.

There are also some excellent specialty vegetarian pizzas you can have delivered. Those options include a brand-new spicy vegetarian that has red onions, green peppers and mushrooms.

The Pizza Restaurant In East York With Desserts Too

Our pizza restaurant in East York carries a lot more than just the traditional food. There’s also a good assortment of delicious desserts like a chocolate brownie mousse to choose from. You can order this or any other dessert that you see on our menu online.


The gluten-free strawberry cheesecake is guaranteed fresh. It is topped off with dark chocolate shavings and strawberry swirls. Don’t forget that we offer a variety of gift cards too so that you can get something special for someone close to your heart.

These come in denominations from five dollars all the way up to $100. They can be used at any one of our locations.

It’s just another way our pizza restaurant in East York provides our customers with great food and great service. Please read on to find out more about one of the other exciting menu choices we have for you.

Gourmet Pizza in East York

We wouldn’t be much of an Italian food restaurant if we didn’t provide gourmet pizza in East York choices that include vegetarian options. One of the most popular ones on the menu is the Spicy Vegan. Our customers rave about the vegan pepper jack cheese that’s always fresh and the bruschetta.

There are a number of delicious menu items here including the  Vegan Original. This is the one that started it all with vegan mozzarella cheese, zucchini and broccoli all mixed together and smothered in an Italian plum tomato sauce.

One of the other big favorites is the Vegan Sausage Classic. People tell us it’s the slow roasted tomatoes and white onions combined with the vegan sausage that makes this menu item special.