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Pizza Delivery in York Mills and Sandwiches Too

vegan pizza vancouver

Mammas Pizza has a great selection of pizza delivery in York Mills choices. You can build your own pizza or order from the vegan and more traditional options. The dough and toppings that you get are always fresh. Our delivery service is always convenient, efficient and friendly.

We have some great sandwiches we’d like you to look at too. The veal cutlet with tomato sauce is one of our best sellers with good reason.

Fresh Every Day

It’s made fresh every day and you can order it online and have it delivered. The chicken cutlet sandwich comes with tomato sauce. The Italian sausage and meatball options are equally good whether you eat them in our restaurants or at home.

The Pizza Restaurant in York Mills That Caters

We want to be there supplying good food for the good times in your life. That’s why Mammas is also a pizza restaurant in York Mills that caters. A wedding reception is made even more memorable with good food. That’s why we offer both garlic bread with cheese and garlic bread. These coming trays that can feed a number of hungry guests.

A sport’s award banquet is made special with the meatball tray or chicken wing tray that we have on our catering menu. The chicken wings come with a variety of different sauces including hot or suicide, medium honey garlic and barbecue.

Different Sizes

The meatball tray has two different sizes. The half tray can serve a group of hungry people. The full tray has 60 pieces and it serves 14 to 16 of your famished guests.

There’s also a good variety of excellent pasta entrées to choose from. Our pizza restaurant in York Mills supplies some traditional Italian dishes like Rigatoni al Forno. This can be the centerpiece of any of your special occasions. It’s an oven baked delight that comes in a plum tomato sauce that’s topped with mild cheese.

Gourmet Pizza in York Mills In Different Sizes

Of course if you’re looking for pizza we have a good selection to choose from. What’s more, everything on our menu comes in a variety of sizes.

Looking for gourmet pizza in York Mills? You can choose from a small 10 inch pizza with six slices and go all the way up to the party size that has 24 squares.

Check out our excellent additions that include gluten-free crust and gourmet toppings.