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Pizza Delivery North York Includes These Choices

vegan pizza vancouver

We deliver all of your favorite menu choices. That includes vegan pizzas. Just order online or give us a call and you’ll get the best pizza delivery in North York.

The vegan choices that we have for you to choose from include a spicy variety that’s a real customer favourite. It’s no wonder when you look at the ingredients.

This one has Jack cheese as well as vegan pepper and tomato sauce. Everything gets delivered piping hot right to your front door whether you’re at home or the office.

Fresh Ingredients

That includes all the delicious ingredients that come with the Vegan Olive Press with cheese. Roasted potatoes are one of the fresh ingredients included with this delicious menu choice. Garlic and oregano are complemented by fresh eggplant and broccoli.

Try Pizza Delivery North York Online

Everything that you see in our menu can be ordered online.  Of course that includes all of our popular menu choices like the vegan sausage classic. Come into our North York restaurant and enjoy the vegan sausage and spinach. Or, you can have it delivered for the same great taste experience.

Everything on our menu is available for our delivery services. That includes traditional Italian meals like fettuccini and spaghetti. Both of these meals come with garlic, parsley and fresh onions. You’ll get two pieces of delicious garlic bread delivered with each.

Tomato Sauce

Penne is another one of the options that we have available.

Our pizza restaurant in North York also has a delicious rigatoni entrée that’s simmered in a plum tomato sauce. Of course we couldn’t call ourselves an Italian restaurant unless we served traditional dishes like meat lasagna.

Layers of ground beef, Parmesan and Romano cheese make this a delicious treat.

Don’t forget to join Mammas E club so you can stay up-to-date on all the discounts and other specials. It’s just another way that our pizza restaurant in North York is staying current with the changing times.

Gourmet Pizza in North York With Fresh Toppings

We also have gourmet pizza in North York with fresh toppings that you will enjoy. You get extra tomato sauce and plum sauce for free as well as fresh garlic and fresh green chili.

Some of the gourmet toppings that our customers enjoy include marinated mushrooms and marinated artichokes. Don’t forget you can also get roasted red peppers and fresh spinach on any of your pizza choices.