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Pizza History

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While you are munching away on a piece of your favourite pizza, it might help you to know that this favourite food has a wonderful history too. Here’s a few interesting and fun highlights we thought you might want to know about.

Pizza goes all the way back to prehistoric times. Archaeologists have found out that bread was cooked on flat hot stones and this qualifies as an ancestor of the pizza that you eat today.

As you might have expected, the world’s first pizzeria was located in Italy. It was first built in the 1830s with materials from Mount Vesuvius which was an active volcano in Italy. When American GIs began returning home from World War II, pizza made the great leap across the ocean to the United States.

The soldiers raved about the great Italian dish they found overseas and pizza quickly established a beachhead in the USA . All this in spite of the fact that very first pizzeria was opened in 1905, well before that war.

Pizza is everywhere. There is even evidence of pizzerias in the otherwise unrecognizable buildings that were devastated in Pompeii. Pizza has even found its way into some of the Arabic countries in the Middle East.