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Pizza innovations part 1

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Pizza has come a along way. There are more places that serve this delicious food across the globe today than ever before.  Of course right here in North America pizza has become a staple of the foods we love.

Here’s a few of the innovations that have made this Italian dish one of North America’s favourite foods.

  • 1960. By the start of the flower power era, pizza was such a popular food that restaurants and smaller pizzerias needed to find ways to get it delivered quickly to hungry clients. It was around this time the whole “30 minutes or free” idea came about. Getting a steaming hot pizza delivered to your door as quickly as possible lasted until the mid-90s. Accusations of unsafe driving did the practice in around that time.
  • 1962. Pizza gets cold. Now we don’t mean that people were taking so much time to deliver pizzas that they were arriving cold at their front door. Rather, this was the time that some smart entrepreneurs developed a way to put frozen pizzas in your grocery store that could be heated up at home.

It’s interesting to note that by 1963 another smart inventor had developed a square pizza that fit nicely into your toaster oven.