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Pizza Jingle Sticks in Head

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We’ve all had the experience where a song stays with us for a while after we’ve heard it. However, there is a new take on that old scenario that involves a pizza jingle and an Ontario man.

Brian Corbel has had a pizza jingle he heard on the radio playing continuously in his head. If you think that’s not unusual, read on. Corbel has had that song playing on a continuous loop for the last six years.

He’s even been to a specialist to find out why he can’t stop hearing the particular commercial over and over again. Repetition is the key according to the doctor who says that accordion music is also more likely to be remembered continuously. The jingle in question was played on accordion and repeats the catchphrase four times in 15 seconds.

The doctor calls the condition a medical abnormality, but it comes with another interesting gift. Brian Corbel can also pick any date in history and tell you exactly what day it fell on.

We wish him well and would like to invite him to any Mamma’s Pizza location. We promise not to play any accordions around him but just deliver some fresh steaming hot pizza to his table!