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Pizza Take Out in Eglington West Includes These Great Choices

best takeout in burlington at Mamma's Pizza

Providing our pizza take out in Eglington West clients with good food at a reasonable price is a priority here at Mamma’s Pizza. Staying on top of emerging trends is another thing we do well.

That’s why you’ll see some new items under our gourmet toppings list. These include plant-based pepperoni and Italian sausage crumble. We’ve also added a plant-based Chipotle sausage crumble. Those are just a few of the new toppings that you can order and take out.

Of course there is a whole list of other ones to choose from.

  • There is always a high demand for traditional toppings like tomato slices and hot pepper rings as well as green peppers and mushrooms. You can also add ground beef, anchovies and pineapple to any of the pizzas that you find on our menu.
  • The gourmet toppings are very popular with our pizza take out in Eglington West customers. Items like artichoke, pesto sauce and sun-dried tomato pesto are very popular. The marinated chicken breast and hot Italian sausage are also winners.
  • Then there’s the cheeses. There’s a big selection here of the ones that you know like cheddar cheese and feta cheese. However there are also a few choices for vegetarian customers like the vegan pepper and vegan mozzarella.

You can build your own pizza with us. The process is easy and straightforward. Just choose the size you want to start. These range from the small 10 inch all the way up to the party 21×15 inch that has 24 squares.

Adding ingredients is easy. Just start with the basic cheese and tomato sauce. Mamma’s Pizza offers a variety of different healthy add-ons like a gluten-free or cauliflower crust. Choose from a variety of different toppings and whole wheat or gluten free dough.


We also recommend the pizza dips. There are quite a few different ones to choose from including ranch and marinara as well as roasted garlic and cheddar chipotle.


Finally, if you’re coming in to order pizza take out in Eglington West, don’t forget to look at the beverages we have for sale. There are soft drinks and juices as well as bottled water and iced tea. When you come in to pick up your order, make sure to ask about our catering services. These are great for your special occasions and corporate events.