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Places to visit in Italy

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While you are enjoying a favorite slice of pizza at one of our famous Mamma’s Pizza  locations, you might start wondering about the place this wonderful food originated in and what delightful things there are to see in Italy.

We suggest that while you are enjoying either one of our specials or maybe even some delicious pasta or an appetizer, you read this blog to learn about some of the more interesting locations you want to see when you cross the ocean to visit the homeland of pizza.

For example, if you decide to visit Rome, as you should if you are going to Europe for any reason, you’ll want to take in the ancient flavor of the city and visit the Roman ruins there. There are even interesting tours allowing you to walk under the city streets and mingle with the Romans, who make it their daily commute back and forth in front of places dating back thousands of years. If you are looking for something a little more off the beaten path you can book a trip to Sicily and see everything in the way of culture and architecture that place has to offer.