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Our Burlington Location Prides Itself on Our Spicy Vegan Toppings: Here’s The Back Story

unique pizza ideas in Ontario, CA

Mamma’s Pizza Burlington prides itself on having something for each and every member of the family. It doesn’t matter what your particular tastes are, we have everything including spicy vegan toppings that are sure to delight.

Our clients rave about the fresh bruschetta they find on this specialty pizza. The black olives and   chili flakes are just two more features that our vegan clientele line up for.

Limano, Italy

While you are enjoying one of these delicious treats, we thought it might be interesting to read a little history about Mamma’s Pizza. Specifically, we put together a little history of Limano, Italy, because that’s the little town where it all started.

One of the most interesting things about this small Italian village where our founder Lidia Danesi, grew up is how accessible it is in today’s world. A quick scan of Airbnb locations in Limano, shows some historic treasures like a stone villa where you can visit with locals and sample the food.

Even if you just get a feel for this quaint Italian village online, you’ll see how it’s influenced our Burlington location.

Just as Lidia did back in the early days, our dough is prepared fresh every day on location. Of course tastes have changed over the years. That means we also have a fine selection of vegan pizza choices that are as delicious as they were in those early years.

However, we’ve stayed true to our roots and made sure that the love and care in those recipes from that sleepy Italian village made the trip to Canada intact.

Mamma, Queen of the Pizzas  

Here’s a little more history so you understand the care and attention that goes into everything in our Burlington Mamma’s Pizza location. For example,  Lidia’s fresh ingredients and special way of making pizzas soon got her the nickname of Queen of the Pizzas in Toronto.

The rest as they say is history. Our Burlington pasta dishes are all fine examples of Lidia’s legacy to the fine foods we get to enjoy today.  For example, the Penne we serve is always sautéed with fresh onions and garlic as well as some other delicious ingredients.

From spicy vegan toppings with all of the freshest ingredients to a host of other delectable menu items, our Burlington Mamma’s pizza location is proud to build on a wonderful legacy.