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Queen Street East Mamma’s Pizza and Pastas. What a Combo

primavera pasta

Pasta dishes are the heart and soul of our Queen Street East Mamma’s Pizza restaurant. Everything on our menu includes two slices of complementary garlic bread with a side order of Parmesan cheese. It’s a great way to enjoy an evening out at a restaurant. Or you can have it delivered for a quiet night at home with friends.

We’ve made it easy to add something extra to any pasta meal. Just take a look on our website and you’ll see the choices you have. They include extra tomato sauce and additional chicken. You can also add melted cheese and rose sauce to any of our pasta selections.

When you look at the menu options, you’ll see why these pastas are popular at our Queen Street East restaurant.

Our Pasta Dishes Feature Fresh Ingredients

Some dishes, like Fettuccini, is made even more succulent when sautéed with fresh onions, parsley, garlic and olive oil. All of the fresh ingredients we use are simmered in a delicious plum tomato sauce. Everything on our pasta menu is made with the tender loving care Mamma became famous for.

With more traditional meals like Spaghetti, many of our customers like to add extra meat sauce or tomato sauce. When you start looking at all the different choices you have, you might have a hard time making a decision.

Our Catering Menu Has Something for Everyone

Rigatoni is another option. This is sautéed with fresh onions and parsley. Like some of the other menu choices here, the Rigatoni is simmered in a delicious tomato sauce.

Please take a few minutes to look at our catering menu. It’s another popular option we’ve carefully put together for our valued customers. Everything is made fresh and can be delivered to your special event. This includes a delicious Chicken Wing Tray. You can choose medium, hot or suicide wings in either honey garlic or barbecue sauce.

Choose from Half Trays or Full Trays

Your guests at a corporate function or wedding reception are sure to enjoy our wonderful Meatball Tray. It comes in two different sizes. The half tray serves between seven and eight people. The full tray has enough food for up to 16 guests.

Our Queen Street East Mamma’s Pizza location has so much to offer. Why not come in and see us or order something delicious online today?