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Looking for Mouth Watering Sandwiches? Mammas Dundas Street West Has You Covered

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People looking for a wide variety of traditional Italian dishes can find them at our Mamma’s Pizza Dundas St., West location. Take a look at our menu. You’ll see specialty pizzas as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

Take your time when you are looking through the different choices. We have a fine selection of delicious sandwiches that are just the thing. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch delivered at work, or something brought to your house, our delivery services are there for you.

Veal Cutlet

When it gets cold outside in Toronto, we like to suggest the veal cutlet sandwich. It’s delicious with an exceptional tomato sauce and is a crowd favorite.

There are a variety of different sandwiches to choose from. We have gone out of our way at the Dundas Street West location to provide you with a number of delicious choices. Everything is made fresh and with the same loving care that Mamma would approve of.

There’s a chicken cutlet sandwich that is served on a fresh role. Making sure that everyone in your family gets healthy food is one of the priorities we have. That’s why we have posted nutritional tables that you can refer to. These are right on our website.

Fresh Toppings

Mammas Pizza has a wonderful reputation for dedication to fine Italian food. Our sandwich menu includes an Italian sausage item. We have some fresh toppings that you can add so that each sandwich is special and unique.

Sautéed mushrooms and green peppers are just two of the choices.

The different selections that you have on our menu include a meatball sandwich. We want you to have an authentic Italian experience with us. Remember, you can get extra cheese with each of the sandwiches we have to offer.

Mammas Dundas St., West location has friendly staff that are always looking forward to seeing you. Why not come in for one of our sandwiches or something else on the menu? If you’re too busy to make it into the restaurant, we welcome you to order online.

Either way, you are sure to get a delicious meal that is hearty and good for you at the same time. Take a few minutes to look through the menu choices on our website today. Good food and a wonderful atmosphere are waiting for you.