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Science and Pizza At Work: A Great Combination

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If you’ve ever been caught eating a slice of delicious pizza at your desk and been told by the boss to separate your lunch break from your  time, there’s a new study out that you can counter with that proves eating during working hours makes you more productive.

A recent study was published about employees who put together computer chips in Israel and how they actually did their jobs better when they were allowed to make a gooey mess of things with a nice slice of pizza. If you ask us here at Mamma’s Pizza, we could’ve told you that pizza goes well with everything and anything and that’s why we have such a variety of delicious treats on our take-out menu.

Actually, we should come clean here and tell you that the recent report only involved pizza as an incentive to work harder and didn’t actually let employees eat double cheese and pepperoni while they were assembling computer parts. However, the attraction to pizza is clear because the employees were even more productive when they were offered this incentive over money.

It’s all the more reason for us here in North America to hope our bosses come along with the pizza box rather than more files for the tops of our desks.