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Self driving delivery is here

vegan pizza in Toronto.

According to recent news reports, people in Ann Arbor Michigan got pizza delivered by self driving cars as a test project last month. Alth’s ough this is technology at its finest, people are starting to wonder what it really means.

For example, who’s going to ring your doorbell to tell you your pizza has arrived? More than that, how much will you tip the delivery driver and where will you be able to find one?

Anyway, there’s no need to panic yet as the whole thing is just an experiment for now. The Ford Fusion that’s been racing around Ann Arbor without a driver has cameras and sensors mounted on it.

There’s more disappointing news for those of you who are hoping for an automated world quickly. The news report says there will be an engineer in the driver’s seat. However, customers will have to punch in a four digit code at the back of the car to open a compartment and get their pizza.

The real deal here is to find out how customers plan on interacting with the self driving car. The people putting the experiment on are worried about partygoers vandalizing the cameras for one thing.