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Strange Pizza Cutters

vegan pizza vancouver

There’s no doubt about it, pizza is fun. Whether you order in so that all of your friends and family can enjoy the slice during the big game or family party, or take everyone out to a restaurant, there’s no other food that combines a great meal with a good time so nicely.

Take a look through all the accessories that you can get to enjoy your pizza and you’ll see that inventive minds are in on the action. Here’s a few unusual pizza cutters we thought you might like:

  • How about a pizza cutter that’s shaped like a famous spacecraft? We will bet a lot of you are thinking Star Wars but the one we have in mind is fashioned after the USS Enterprise from that famous old science fiction show, Star Trek.
  • Maybe you’re a handyman and you’d like a pizza cutter that shows that part of your personality off to friends and family? Then why not go out and purchase the model that’s shaped like a circular saw we’ve spotted online?

If you look long and hard enough, you’ll find a pizza cutter for everyone. We even found a model that was shaped after an old cassette tape. Imagine the great times you’ll have mixing nostalgia and a warm slice with this tool?