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Study finds kids love pizza. What else is new!

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Sometimes, people who get paid to study and research things come to the conclusions about pizza that we’ve known all along. The respected Journal of Pediatrics has recently reported that kids love pizza so much it’s the second highest food for energy intake on their diet. We have no way of knowing if that means they get the extra energy from eating a delicious pizza or from running to be the first to the table to get it!

Here’s another one of those findings from a study that we could’ve told the researchers from Health Policy Center at the Institute of Health Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) about. These academic folks studied how the calorie intake goes up when pizza is eaten as a snack between meals, but here at Mamma’s Pizza we would like to think that the fact  we list all our ingredients that are fresh helps to offset any concerns they might have.

One of the professors who was involved in the study says that nutritional tables should be available so people can choose the ingredients more carefully to have on pizza. One look at our website and you’ll see that we are miles ahead in that area.