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Mama’s Blogs

Tasty spaghetti sauce recipes for the whole family

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Cooking an Italian meal for the whole family is the beginning of a great time to be had by all. If you are thinking about spaghetti and want to start the sauce from scratch, a few tips will help you to make the best sauce everyone will love.

  • Many of the real experts that have been cooking these tasty sauces for some time feel the best ground beef and carefully selected onions are the best foundation. You should cook both until the beef loses its pink colour and the onion is tender.
  • Seasoning is another important element that you can’t afford to overlook. Everyone that wants to impress with a great spaghetti sauce should take a look at the added touches that make it special like a garlic clove and even a garnish of oregano. It’s also a good idea to keep track of the calories as you add ingredients so you can watch your waistline.

Of course there are many different spaghetti sauce recipes that you can look at and not all of them need to involve ground beef. Depending on your family’s preferences, you can even add a vegetarian or vegan element to the sauce.