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The Beaches Catering Is Superb

best pizza combinations at mamma's pizza

We offer quite a few different menu choices at our Beaches location. We like to tell our clients it doesn’t really matter what they order. Everything we make comes with the freshest ingredients and the kind of love that Mamma would have expected.

There’s always more to the services that we provide. Are you putting together a teambuilding exercise for your company? How about a birthday party or anniversary for relatives or some close friends? Maybe you’ve even been left in charge of the wedding reception for someone close.

Beaches Catering Service Excels

That’s where our Beaches catering services excel. There’s no need to worry about the food for any of these events when you see what we have to offer.

Starting with a crowd favourite—garlic bread. You can order either full tray or a half tray that serves anywhere from 7 to 16 people. Our garlic bread comes with cheese or without. If you’re looking for something a little heartier, our Beaches catering services have that too.

Chicken Wing Tray

We have a chicken wing tray that can’t be beat. Just take a look at the different flavors that you can get for any kind of banquet or other event. There’s honey garlic and barbecue that come in suicide, medium or hot. We always like to serve the freshest food possible. That’s why the prices for these wings might vary a little depending on market conditions.

While we are on the subject, you should take a good look at our meatball tray. This item also comes in half and full trays so you can get just the amount of food that you will need.

Add Chicken to Your Salad

No event is complete unless you can add a salad. These menu choices are another reason why our Beaches location is so highly thought of. You can add chicken to either half or full tray of salad. It’s our way of making sure that everyone gets exactly the kind of meal they want.

We like to suggest the Caesar salad tray for a wedding reception. It comes with garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese. There is also Romaine lettuce that makes a big difference.

Another good choice is the Mediterranean salad tray.  This one has excellent mouth watering ingredients like green peppers and red onions.

The Mammas Pizza at our Beaches location is always looking to make your experience with us special.