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The Best Pizza on Adelaide is Just A Small Portion of What We Provide

best takeout in burlington at Mamma's Pizza

We pride ourselves on supplying the best pizza on Adelaide. All the ingredients are fresh and you have a wonderful selection of excellent toppings. You can choose the size you want and have it delivered, pick it up in store, or eat it in our restaurant.

Mamma’s Pizza is very proud of the traditional Italian food it serves. However, pizza is just a small part of our menu. Here are some other things we hope you’ll take a look at.

Mammas Catering

Along with the best pizza on Adelaide, we also offer excellent catering services. These are perfect for everything from a small intimate family birthday party to a large corporate event. Take a look at the menu and you’ll see there’s something for every special occasion.

There is a meatball and chicken wing tray. The half portion of either one serves 7 to 8 of your hungry guests. A full meatball tray has 60 pieces and serves up to 16 people.


There’s pasta to choose from including fettuccine with a ham and sauté. It gets simmered in a cheese and cream sauce. You can add to each one of the dishes listed in this part of our menu. Choose from meat sauce and rose sauce to meatballs and chicken.

Are you looking for something more traditional for an event like a wedding reception? We offer a meat lasagna tray that comes with layers of pasta filled with our special sauce and topped with melted Parmesan cheese.


We like to offer something for every taste in your family. That includes several different types of mouthwatering sandwiches. The Italian Sausage sandwich comes with delicious fresh tomato sauce. You can order it online and have it delivered right to your front door or office cubicle.


The veal cutlet  sandwich is a big favorite with our customers in the GTA. They rave about the tomato sauce and the price that’s only $7.95 plus tax. You can order this menu item or any of the other sandwiches we have listed online.

Of course the best pizza on Adelaide needs to include some specials. There are several new items on our menu including butter chicken pizza. This spicy entrée comes with roasted red peppers and red onions as well as butter chicken sauce. Mamma’s chicken pesto pizza comes with a marinated chicken breast.