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The Boston Pizza Festival is a Blast

Mamma's Pizza Burlington

Once you start looking at all the delicious pizza that you can eat and the interesting things that went on , you might think the Boston Pizza Festival was a complicated affair to plan.

Co-organizer Giancarlo Natale of Boston loved to reminisce about the  trips he took home to Naples so much that he decided to make up something to remind him of those journeys  in Boston.

The event took place in the namesake city July 8 and 9th and even included some pizza makers who came all the way from Italy just for the occasion.

Of course there were some other events beyond the pizza  booths. These   included dough making for the children and of course the US pizza team was there.

Along with many different varieties of everyone’s favourite food, there were American pizza makers who travel the country and take part in competitions plying their wares in Boston.

8000 tickets were sold before the event and estimates put the total attendance at 15,000. In fact, this Boston pizza event was so popular they organizers even had to have crowd control on hand just in case.