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The first pizzeria in the USA

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Although our American friends like to be the first and best at everything, they fell a little behind when it came to pizzerias. That’s just because they imported this delicious food from Italy, but that didn’t stop them from getting a big mention in the pizza history books for the first place to enjoy this delicious food on American soil.

Gennaro Lombardi  started his business by selling tomato pies to local factory workers. Although there have been several different variations over the years, the original Lombardi’s opened in 1905. It still uses coal-fired ovens like the original.

The background of this fine establishment mirrors the history of Mamma’s Pizza. The recipes and know-how that made both places famous came from the old country and haven’t changed drastically since those early years.

We like to pride ourselves on a variety of top-notch features including only using the freshest toppings on everything we do. The fine background of pizzerias in the United States and Canada is a wonderful history and shows dedication to quality and customer service.

One of the things we have in common with Lombardi’s is the fact that we take the preservation of the history of pizza seriously.