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Mama’s Blogs

The Harbourfront Mamma’s Pizza Has Sandwiches Too!

Fresh Sandwiches at Mamma's Pizza

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious pizza in a lovely setting. Our Harbourfront Mammas Pizza can put those two things together for you with a variety of delicious sandwiches to choose from.

We’ve put together a fantastic selection of some of the sandwiches that you told us you wanted. If you’re really hungry after an event or some sightseeing down by the water’s edge, we’d like to suggest the veal cutlet with tomato sauce sandwich.

Delicious Menu Item

Many of the people who ordered this delicious menu item added onions and hot and sweet peppers. There’s a variety of different add-ons that you can put on one of these menu choices to bring it up to the next level of culinary perfection!

You can choose from the meatball sandwich or the Italian sausage variety. Don’t forget to consider the steak sandwich that comes dripping with tomato sauce and tasty onions.

Don’t forget that you can order any of these tasty sandwiches online. If you simply click the tab underneath the sandwich that you’re after, it will take you to an online ordering page. Signing up is simple and easy. After that, you can have a piping hot sandwich delivered right to your front door or office space simply by using this tab.

Variety of Foods

We love to surprise our Harbourfront Diners with a variety of foods that they might not expect. Our chicken wings are famous in the GTA and they are cooked to your specifications and then tossed in the sauce of your choosing.

We also have boneless chicken bites because we want to have something for everyone on our menu. These are made from 100% white meat and include delicious plum sauce.

Mammas Pizza is proud of the fact that we combine old world values with modern technology. All of the dough that we use in our pizzas is made fresh on premises daily. Because we are proud of the effort and dedication to your satisfaction we put into every item, we also have a nutritional table on our website.

Family and Friends

Our Harbourfront Mammas Pizza is a welcoming place that’s perfect for family and friends. All of our staff are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our gift cards while you are looking at the delicious choices on our website. These come in a variety of different denominations so one is sure to be right for you.