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Mama’s Blogs

The Mammas on Dundas Street West Has Delicious Desserts

Chocolate Brownie Mousse at Mamma's Pizza

We have something for everyone at Mammas Pizza restaurant on Dundas St., West. That includes some mouthwatering desserts that you can enjoy after your meal. Please don’t forget that you can order them for delivery to your office or home. These are all wonderful treats and a great way to put the finishing touches on a night out or evening with friends.

Once you start looking through the choices on our menu, you’ll more than likely order more than one of these desserts. For example, the Gluten Free Vanilla cheesecake includes a marble composition with fresh strawberry and is topped off with an exquisite champagne mousse.

Don’t forget that you can order this and any of the other specials we have online. We want you to have the full Mammas Pizza experience regardless of where you are. Why not take a few more minutes to look through the other desserts we have for your dining pleasure?

  • The Chocolate Brownie Mousse is another big favorite with our clients. When you read about the ingredients, you’ll understand its popularity. This wonderful dessert has a chocolate brownie layered with milk chocolate and covered with a dense chocolate mousse.
  • Don’t forget about our Tiramisu Cup. Mammas Pizza has gone out of its way to satisfy everyone’s unique taste buds. This particular dessert is always served fresh.

Once you start looking through our menu, you’ll see we have a lot to offer beyond traditional pizza choices. One of the other menu items our clients rave about are the chicken wings. These are cooked to your specifications and then tossed with our unique sauce.  Try the different sauces that include honey garlic and barbecue. These come in hot, suicide and medium.

Clients who like dry rubs order our chicken wings for delivery when they can’t come into our restaurant. These come in a variety of excellent flavors like lemon pepper, maple bacon and Mango Habanero.

Different Specials

Take a few more minutes to look through the different specials we have. These include a wide assortment of dipping sauces and traditional toppings.  If you’re looking to upgrade any of these orders, we are always happy to accommodate. In fact if you order one of these specials in particular, you’ll get a medium cheese pizza for a complementary low price.

The Mammas Pizza on Dundas St., West is always looking forward to seeing you and your family.