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Mama’s Blogs

The Richmond Hill location specializes in build your own choices

Eglinton Mammas Pizza offers catering too

People who come into our Richmond Hill Mammas Pizza are always talking about the build your own pizza choices we offer. We understand that people in Richmond Hill want to do their own thing whether they are ordering in or coming right into our restaurant.

That’s why this option starts out with a variety of different sizes. Some of the folks who are looking to put their own lunchtime treat together go for the six slice 10 inch small variety. They know that all they need to do is order online and it will arrive piping hot at their office or home.

Something for Everyone

We always like to say that there’s something for everyone at our Richmond Hill location. If you’re looking to have a family event or quiet night watching Netflix, we’d suggest the extra large or 18 inch family version that has 12 slices. It’s just enough for everyone and just the thing to bring everyone closer together.

When our Richmond Hill clients told us they were making healthier choices, we wanted to be part of that. That’s why you can order a build your own pizza that comes with fresh daily whole wheat dough that’s available in all sizes.

Freshest Ingredients

Our gluten-free dough is only available in the 12 inch varieties. However, it’s full of all of the freshest ingredients. One of the other things that separates us from the competition is the nutritional table that you can read on our website.

Others might call it transparency, but we like to think of it as common sense.

When you are building your own pizza, you want to get creative and that’s why we offer a variety of toppings. There’s no stone left unturned to make sure that you get exactly the choices you want and the ones to tickle your taste buds.

Traditional Toppings

Our free toppings are traditional. You can choose from oregano and olive oil. For the more adventuresome build your own pizza champions, we suggest you top your creation off with fresh garlic.

Because we want to give you choice, we’ve also provided a list of the finest gourmet toppings to our build your own pizza menu. Our Richmond Hill patrons are big on some of the more refined toppings here like artichoke pesto sauce and marinated artichokes. Our Richmond Hill location also offers a variety of cheeses.