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The Richmond Hill Mamma’s Has Great Vegan Pizza

mamaa's pizza crust

When our Richmond Hill clients told us they wanted a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan pizzas, we listened. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that variety is the true spice of everyone’s vegan life. Choose from one of six different sizes of this type of pizza.

Imagine how impressed guests at your wedding reception or other event will be when you offer them this vegetarian choice? We hope that you think that’s impressive, but we’ve even gone one step further. You’ll see the ingredients list on our website for details all the fresh foods that we put into each and every one of our vegan specials.

Mammas Pizza

It’s just another way that Mamma’s Pizza shows our Richmond Hill clients how important they are to us. We want to appeal to people with discerning special tastes. That’s why we have assortment of vegan pizza choices that are some of the most popular anywhere in the GTA.

If you take a few minutes to look through this section on our website, you’ll see exactly what we mean. One of the cornerstones to this portion of our menu is the fresh ingredients we offer like bruschetta.

Vegan Pizza Offerings

Creativity is another one of the ingredients that goes into each and every one of our vegan pizza offerings. For example, you can have delicious roasted potatoes with some of the specials on our menu.

Can we suggest that you check out our catering services while you’re onsite? When you do you’ll see that we have an assortment of delicious trays of piping hot food that are just the thing. They had memorable moments to everything from wedding receptions to corporate teambuilding events.

Of course, our catering services wouldn’t be complete without a fine selection of delicious salads for you to choose from. While we are on the subject of veganism, we’d like to point out that we also have an excellent vegetarian lasagna trade for your special event.

Client Satisfaction

Mamma’s Pizza in Richmond Hill is dedicated to 100% client satisfaction. It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering online from our convenient tab or coming in through the front doors to enjoy our welcoming atmosphere.

We want everyone to know that you are a part of our family. It’s all part of continuing on with the beautiful old-world traditions that were brought here in 1957.