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Mama’s Blogs

The Sammon Ave Mamma’s Has Specialty Pizzas

Toronto gluten free meatball pizza

Our Sammon Avenue Mamma’s Pizza has quite a selection of specialty choices. Lately, we’ve put together some new house specialty meat pizzas we thought you might enjoy. These all come in a variety of sizes that range from the 10 inch small with six slices all the way up to the 21 x 15” party size with 24 squares.

  • The tandoori chicken pizza is new. However, you can expect the same fresh ingredients in this meat pizza that features tandoori chicken and green peppers. This one also has roasted red peppers to add zesty flavour and red onions.
  • Looking for something a little different? That’s where the brand-new butter chicken pizza comes in. This one has tomato and butter chicken sauce for extra flavor the whole gang will enjoy.
  • Mamma’s Aloha Pizza is another new menu choice. Like the name suggests, you’ll get a generous portion of pineapple, ham and bacon on this pizza. Don’t forget that you can order it online and have it delivered to your home or office.

We’ve added several brand-new choices in this category. It’s the fresh ingredients and seasoned BBQ chicken breast that make Mamma’s BBQ Chicken and Bacon Cheddar Melt pizza special.

Great Catering at Our Sammon Ave Mamma’s

Whether you’re having a birthday party, corporate event or wedding reception, our catering services are excellent and the stuff memories are made of. Every great occasion starts out with appetizers and that’s why we love to suggest garlic bread and or garlic bread with cheese.

You can get a half tray that serves 7 to 8 guests or a full tray for 14 to 16 people. This delicious food that’s always made fresh is actually good for you. Garlic can strengthen your immune system to fight the common cold and actually prevent illness like the flu.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Not only that, it’s also been proven to reduce blood pressure. Beyond that, it’s a great conversation starter and an outstanding way to kick off a good meal.

That’s why we’ve included an assortment of excellent entrées with our Sammon Avenue catering services. Our customers rave about the Fettuccini Alfredo tray that comes sautéed with ham and simmered in a cheese and cream sauce.

More traditional options include the meat lasagna or vegetarian lasagna tray. The veggie version includes mushrooms and spinach as well as zucchini topped with fresh cheese.