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The top 5 pizza toppings of all time

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You might be munching away on your favourite pizza right now. Have you ever wondered if anybody has taken the time to put all the favourite toppings in one place? Well, we have.

Here’s a list of the top 5 pizza toppings of all time put together for you by your friends at Mamma’s Pizza


If you think back to all the pizzas you ordered ever since you were a child, you’ll understand why pepperoni is the favourite topping. Of course here at Mammas Pizza we have the freshest pepperoni available.


You’re probably reading this list and thinking to yourself that there are no real surprises yet. We have to agree because mushrooms comes in the number two spot.


However, we think things might be a little interesting starting with the number three position. Onions are very popular on pizza but not necessarily good at lunch time if you need to go back to work.


When we did our research for this list, we were surprised that so many people were meat eaters. Fresh sausage on top of your pizza works to bring out the wonderful flavours of the other ingredients.


Bacon takes the last position in our top five list. However, you should keep in mind that you can always have any topping you want here at Mamma’s Pizza.