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The Vaughan Pizza festival

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When people think about big pizza festivals, cities like Naples and New York might come to mind. However, while you are sitting at your favourite Toronto pizza restaurant remember there are pizza festivals right here at home.

For example, the Vaughan pizza festival was a big deal last year. Not only did everyone in that area of the GTA have a great time, over 65,000 slices of pizza were eaten. This is an annual event that’s great for the whole family and is sponsored by a variety of different community organizations.

Variety is the spice of life as they say and 2017s Vaughan pizza fest certainly had it. At last count over 18 pizzerias were represented and there were 20 different kinds of beers being served.

Mammas Pizza captures the spirit of these festivals. We only use the freshest ingredients and have an excellent menu. Even if you want to try something different from pizza, we have what you’re looking for. Why not take a few minutes to look through our menu to see the variety of everything from meat lovers to vegan pizzas and other foods  we have?

To us, every day is a good day for a pizza festival