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There’s a New Aloha Pizza at Our North York Location

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There’s always something new on the menu at our North York Mamma’s Pizza location. For example, we have just introduced our Aloha Pizza. It’s the latest addition to the lineup of specialty pizzas our clients love.

Mamma’s Aloha Pizza has pineapple, ham, bacon and cheese. All these fresh ingredients are smothered in the tomato sauce that’s made us famous in North York.

New Ways to Put a Smile on Your Face

New menu items aren’t the only things we have to offer. Even though we are a traditional Italian food restaurant, we like to keep up with the times. That’s why we would like to invite you to add our hashtag #MAMMASPIZZA to your photos on Instagram. We will be more than happy to post our favourites.

Mamma’s Pizza in North York is always looking for new ways to put a smile on your face. Why not take a few minutes to look through the Parmigianas on our menu? These have been crafted with the freshest ingredients and our customers in mind.

Chicken or Veal Parmigiana with Spaghetti

The Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti is topped with melted cheese. Bring the family into our North York location and enjoy this entrée. Or, order it online. It’s the same delicious and nutritious meal either way.

The Veal Parmigiana with Spaghetti is made fresh daily too. It’s a perfect choice for some quality family time or a quiet dinner between two friends.

There are several different options to choose from if you are in the mood for a delicious sandwich. The Veal Cutlet comes with tomato sauce and you can add onions or sautéed mushrooms for an additional flavour boost.

Traditional Italian Sausage Sandwich

One of the more popular choices we have on our menu is the Meatball sandwich. It comes smothered in delicious tomato sauce.

We couldn’t call ourselves a traditional restaurant if we didn’t have an Italian Sausage sandwich on the menu. You can order this one online and have it delivered for lunch or a quiet evening at home.

Don’t Forget About Our Pizza Specials

Don’t forget about the pizza specials we have at our North York location. The Soccer Special is a great value. It comes with an extra-large pizza with any two toppings and ten chicken wings.

Special Number Three is one of the most popular selections at Mamma’s Pizza. This party size pepperoni pizza comes with four cans of pop. It’s just the thing when the gang comes over for a special night.