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There’s Excellent Pastas in Whitby At Mammas

Order penne pasta in Toronto

Mammas Pizza is proud of their new location that includes excellent pastas in Whitby. We like to suggest that our clients take a look at the different options they can add like rose sauce and melted cheese too.

That includes delicious spaghetti that’s sautéed with parsley, garlic and fresh onions. It’s perfect for a late-night romantic meal with that special someone or family time around the kitchen table. Pasta is a satisfying and nutritious choice.

Healthy Foods

It is ideal because it complements other healthy foods like antioxidant rich tomato sauces and cheeses that are packed with protein.

Our brand-new pastas in Whitby choices include some traditional Italian favorites like the following:

  • Rigatoni that is simmered in a fresh plum tomato sauce and then served with complementary garlic bread. Pasta has carbohydrates that make it another healthy food choice. It provides glucose which is a fuel for your muscles and brain. You can choose from three different options here. You can have rigatoni with tomato sauce or meat sauce and add three meatballs. Best of all you can order it online.
  • The Penne on our menu is quickly becoming a favourite with our clients in Whitby. This entrée comes with mushrooms, green and hot Italian peppers. This pasta like the other choices on our menu is cholesterol free and low in sodium. Another good reason to order this food is the fact that it’s a good source of essential nutrients like B vitamins and Iron.

What would our new pastas in Whitby be without a selection of fresh lasagnas? They come layered with Romano cheeses and ground beef. Order them and he’ll also get two pieces of complementary garlic bread.


Other customers in Whitby prefer the vegetarian lasagna. It is layered with a variety of fresh ingredients like zucchini, mushrooms and spinach.

Mammas Pizza hasn’t forgotten about their vegan and vegetarian clients. In fact there is an excellent selection of vegan specialty pizzas that include the Vegan Olive Press with and without cheese.


The Vegan Sausage Classic is another popular choice. It comes with slow roasted tomatoes and spinach as well as vegan sausage. Finally, don’t forget to consider the vegan original while you are sorting through your options. Our clients in Whitby are raving about the broccoli and fresh zucchini that makes this one special.