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There’s Lots To Choose From At Our Pizza Restaurant in Mississauga

Specials At Our Burlington

We’ve got a little something for every  taste at our pizza restaurant in Mississauga. There are the foods that you would expect from an Italian restaurant like pizzas and calzones. Then there are some interesting additions our customers aren’t always expecting to see.

Like a fine variety of garden fresh salads. You can add chicken to any of the items you see on this part of our menu. We even have a nutritional table on our website so you can be sure what you are ordering is healthy.

Here’s a few of the different types of salads we have.

Chef’s Salad

If you’re looking for tomatoes and fresh leaf lettuce, this is the one for you. We have also included red onions and Kalamata olives. This salad comes in a small and large size so you will be sure to feed everyone.

Mediterranean Salad

Looking for something a little more exotic? This salad boasts handpicked romaine lettuce and green peppers as well as feta cheese and red onions.

Any of the salads on our menu make a great complement to the entrées. Remember, our pizza restaurant in Mississauga also delivers some delicious sides with any food you order.

  • The arancini is new. It gets served with a delicious marinara sauce that’s great for dipping. This is an excellent addition to any of the other entrées on our menu.
  • You can order the garlic bread online. It’s always fresh and another excellent complement to our other menu choices. The same goes for garlic bread with cheese.
  • Potato wedges are another big favorite. You get a whole pound of seasoned wedges here and you can order them online.
  • Last but not least are the garlic Parmesan sticks.

We wouldn’t be much of an Italian restaurant if we didn’t have a huge selection of pizzas for you. Here are just a few of the choices our Mississauga restaurant has for you.

The Combination Pizza offers up some traditional tastes like green peppers and mushrooms as well as pepperoni and tomato sauce.

While you are sorting through all the choices don’t forget to check out Mammas Hawaiian Pizza. Like you might expect, this pizza has ham and pineapple as well as our famous tomato sauce and cheese .Like everything else in our pizza restaurant in Mississauga, this one is made fresh and can be delivered.