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Mama’s Blogs

These Bayview Pastas Can’t Be Beat

fresh pasta in Toronto

The Bayview Mammas Pizza location is renowned for its pasta. It’s no wonder really. The staff there use all of the freshest ingredients. What’s more, every dish they put together is made with the same loving care Mamma used.

There’s lots to choose from too. The penne that we serve up is sautéed with nothing but fresh onions, olive oil and garlic parsley. To make it even more tasty, it is simmered in a delicious plum tomato sauce. Two pieces of fresh garlic bread make for an excellent side to this entrée.


What would this Mamma’s restaurant be without Rigatoni? This is another entrée on our menu that’s made with fresh onions and simmered in that wonderful tomato sauce we are famous for.  These are delicious standalone entrées that can be delivered or enjoyed at our Bayview restaurant.

Stick to Your Ribs

Looking for something that will stick to your ribs? The meat lasagna on our menu includes layered ground beef. It is topped with melted cheese for that added little culinary touch. We don’t want anyone to feel left out and that’s why we also have a vegetarian lasagna available.

When you check out the list of ingredients in this one, you will be sure to order it . The vegetarian lasagna has mushrooms, zucchini and spinach.

Bayview Catering for Any Special Event

We want to be part of your special event. That’s why our outstanding catering department has a variety of different food options. If you’ve been put in charge of a business or corporate event, you’ll want to check out the chicken wing tray choices.

Honey Garlic

These come in honey garlic, and barbecue as well as medium, hot and suicide flavors. They are the perfect addition to teambuilding exercises or conferences

if you are putting together a wedding reception, we can be there for you. From the garlic bread or garlic bread with cheese to the meatball trays, Mammas supplies food that makes for memories.

Fresh Salads

If you’re looking for fresh salads for your events, the Caesar salad tray on our menu is just the thing. This one comes with romaine lettuce and garlic croutons topped with the freshest Parmesan cheese.

You can add chicken to any of these salads.

That goes for the pasta trays in our catering department. Adding a little rose sauce to a fettuccini Alfredo tray makes a big difference to discerning guests. Ravioli and Penne are two of the other big favorites people order for their special events.