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These Gourmet Pizza In Whitby Toppings Are Delicious

Hot Sicilian at Mamma's Pizza

We encourage everyone who orders gourmet pizza in Whitby to get exactly what they want. Deciding on the size of the pizza that will feed all of your guests is a good first step.  Of course all that depends on the number of people you’re having and the size of your party or event.

  • For example, we always like to suggest a 14 inch large when you’re just having a few people over to watch something on Netflix. That way, everyone can enjoy a slice while watching the TV show or movie and take some pizza home with them afterward. Our brand-new butter chicken pizza is a great choice for movie night. It comes with fresh onions and green peppers as well as roasted red peppers that are mouthwatering.
  • The 10 inch small is another great choice for an intimate gathering. We like to suggest a combination pizza for that quiet night at home with your significant other. That’s the menu item that comes with pepperoni, cheese, green peppers, and mushrooms. Some of the gourmet toppings you can add include hot Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, and even caramelized onions.

Building your gourmet pizza in Whitby is a great way to add a little zest to your meal. Don’t forget that you can order gluten-free and cauliflower crust. Here at Mamma’s Pizza, we want you to have food that tastes great and is good for you at the same time.

Our pizza choices also include specialty meat options that are an excellent meal regardless of the size you pick.

Excellent Sandwiches

For example, Mamma’s chicken pesto comes with a marinated chicken breast and sun-dried tomatoes.  We also have some excellent sandwiches on our menu.

The chicken cutlet sandwich is perfect for a quick lunch as everyone goes back to work. It’s made fresh daily and you can order it online for delivery. The same goes for the veal cutlet and meatball sandwiches. Both of these come with tomato sauce that’s made fresh daily too.

New Location

Mammas Pizza is very proud of our brand-new location. Gourmet pizza in Whitby is just one of the tantalizing entrées that we offer there. Why not look through our menu today to see all of the tantalizing food that we offer?  Don’t forget to purchase one of our gift cards that come in a variety of different denominations.