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Thin crust pizza Burlington is just one of our choices

pizza basket ideas at Mamma's Pizza

Of course it’s important to us to satisfy every taste here at Mamma’s Pizza and that’s why we have a delicious thin crust pizza Burlington option on our menu. Making each and every item with only the freshest ingredients is something that we’ve been doing for years now.

It has always been our philosophy to make sure that we are a vibrant member of the community. That’s why when you look at our website you’ll see all the different charities  that we are involved with. To us, it’s a simple thing to do. Not only do we want to give back to the very neighbourhoods where we have our restaurants, but to the whole nation that has given us a good life and wonderful friends and family.

Nutritional tables

That’s why we go out of our way to make sure each and every person who comes into one of our restaurants or orders online is satisfied with the pizza they get. Along with thin crust pizza Burlington options, we are also extremely proud of the fact that we have nutritional tables on our website.

What’s more, there are a variety of different delicious foods for you to choose from. We have some of the more traditional Italian dishes that can be served and even brought to any event because we have a catering service at your disposal. If you’re looking to take some of our delicious food on the road or even want to present it as a gift to friends and family, we also have a variety of gift cards in different denominations.


If you’re trying to decide what kind of pizza you’d like best, why not take a few minutes to look over the specials that we have on our website? Each and everyone is sure to be that special edition to any event. Keep in mind that you can have this kind of delicious food delivered in or you can come and pick it up. Even when you decide to order from home, it’s simple and convenient to get a thin crust Burlington pizza online from the convenience of your own home computer.

When you are  looking for a total for experience, we have what you need here at Mamma’s Pizza. Why not find the location closest you to you today so you can enjoy some of the finest traditional Italian dishes?