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Today’s Pizza Fact Sheet

Mamma's PIzza Whitby

If you take a look on the Internet, you’ll see there are all kinds of interesting things written about pizza. All around the world, people are devising new ways to eat this special food. In fact, people are so enamoured with pizza they’ve even put together some interesting facts about pizza in its present-day shape.

That said, here’s a few interesting tidbits you can mull over from today’s pizza fact sheet.

Fact #1

There are over 31,000 pizza franchises in the United States alone. Almost 85% of those offer delivery and almost every single one offers take out. However, one of the more interesting statistics is that only 51% of all the stores offer a dining experience.

Fact #2

Even though there are many different choices to be had, regular thin crust pizza is the most popular. Here’s another interesting fact you might not have guessed that. There are only 14% of those who order pizza that actually preferred thick crust.

Finally, we found a statistic that said pizza is only the second most popular food for people over 50. That group prefers chicken. However, statistics also tell us the pizza is the fastest growing food worldwide rising in popularity by 11% per year.