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Tomato sauce tips

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If you ask around, people will tell you the most important ingredients in any good pizza. They might start at cheese, crust and even pepperoni, but sooner or later most people will mention tomato sauce as one of the essential ingredients.

Because everyone is always looking to create a great tasting tomato sauce or be able to order one in their favorite restaurant, here are a few tips about what goes into making one of these pizza essentials great.

Both red and white wine are considered excellent ingredients. If you are looking to add a special taste to the make tomato sauce you are making, many experts in the field suggest that you put in the red or white wine just as the vegetables are simering. If you have friends who don’t like the taste of alcohol or family members who wouldn’t want to drink any wine whatsoever, adding the wine during this important part of the process let’s it cool down and the intoxicating parts wear off in the process.

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you want to use fresh or canned tomatoes, roasting them before you add them to the sauce is always an excellent idea.