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Mama’s Blogs

Top Notch Catering from Our East York Mammas

best takeout in burlington at Mamma's Pizza

Once we realized how good our food was and how much our East York patrons loved it, we decided to let everyone know about our excellent catering services. Mammas food is always fresh and prepared in a traditional style. That’s what you get when you come into our restaurants, order online or even have our delicious meals catered to your special event.

For Weddings

There’s always something about the wedding reception afterwards that will stay with your guests for a lifetime. We’d very much like to be part of that and we have the traditional Italian foods that add a special touch to someone’s special day.

Garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese served fresh and piping hot is always an invitation to a great meal that your guests will love. We pride ourselves on having different sizes because everyone’s got different appetites.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a half tray or a full tray. Both choices are equally as good because we make them exactly the way Mamma would have. The best way to send everyone home from a wedding reception is with a full stomach and our garlic bread is the perfect choice to start the evening meal off.

For Team Building Exercises

Sharing a meal with your coworkers is an excellent way to build a team. We like to think of ourselves as an added ingredient to a business event. Our chicken wings and meatball trays are the perfect choice for a luncheon that’s designed to spark any business.

Keep in mind we have a wide variety of excellent choices for you to look through. For example, our salads are all made fresh and healthy. The kind of top notch catering that we supply at our East York location is made better by the fact that you can add a variety of delicious toppings to your pasta.

We’d love to be part of your special event. If you think spaghetti and fettuccine Alfredo are the perfect traditional Italian dishes for your special day, you’ve come to the right location. Staying in touch with each and every one of our valuable East York patrons is a priority.

That’s why we love to suggest that you join Mammas eClub. That way you’ll get all of the latest specials and wonderful additions to our menu emailed directly to your inbox.

We are here for your special events.