Toronto Dairy Free Pizza is just one of our specialties

When you’ve been in business for as long as we have here at Mamma’s Pizza, you learn how to take on new innovations like dairy free pizza to please a discerning Toronto clientele. Take a look at our website and you’ll see how one of the landmark restaurants here in Toronto actually started with some ancestral recipes from Italy.

Take a moment to see how far we’ve come from those humble beginnings in 1957. Not only was part of our success having the best from the Old World to draw on, we’ve even made sure to look after the needs of present day customers with a variety of special pizzas and other foods that cater to specialized tastes.

Not the least of which is this dairy free pizza. We make it because we care about our valued Toronto customers. Providing these special items is just another example of our dedication to the community we serve. Remember we were one of the first restaurants to introduce pizza to Toronto and although that’s not all of the food you can get from us, we want you to know you can choose from a wide variety of toppings to make your dining with us special just the same.