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Try the Delicious Pastas At 30 Eglinton W Mamma’s

best pasta sauce at Mamma's Pizza

Traditional Italian meals. That’s a big part of what you’ll find at our 30 Eglinton W Mamma’s Pizza restaurant. To be more specific, we have a great selection of pastas our clients absolutely love.

Here are just a few meals you can enjoy in our restaurant or order online and savour at home.


When you look at the ingredients list for this traditional Italian dish, you’ll understand why it’s a crowd favourite. The spaghetti itself is sautéed with fresh onions, olive oil, garlic and parsley. It’s the way we do things here at Mamma’s Pizza. We select only the finest ingredients and everything we serve up is fresh.

You can add rosé sauce, chicken or extra meat sauce to this traditional spaghetti dish. Some people prefer to add on melted cheese or extra tomato sauce. Whichever option you choose, our super spaghetti meal comes with two pieces of complementary garlic bread.


Some customers are looking for something a little different. For those people, we often suggest this Rigatoni dish which is oven baked in a succulent plum tomato sauce. It comes topped off with fresh melted cheese and served with two pieces of tasty garlic bread.

We don’t want you to think our Eglinton W Mamma’s is the only place to get these appetizing pasta dinners. Of course, you can order any one of our menu items online for delivery. There’s a third choice. We have gift certificates in a variety of different denominations.


We’ve made it easy for you to order this mouthwatering entrée. It is filled with spinach cheese and prosciutto. As if these wonderful ingredients aren’t enough to entice you, the whole dish is simmered in a plum tomato sauce. This is a great menu choice for a family night at home or a special occasion in a rented hall.

We have something to satisfy every taste bud. This includes a good selection of Mamma’s Vegan Specialty Pizzas with ingredients like vegan pepper jack or mozzarella cheeses.

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try the Vegan Sausage Classic? This pizza includes the namesake vegan sausage and slow roasted tomatoes with a sprinkling of delicious white onions.

You can also enjoy the Vegan Original Pizza with broccoli and zucchini. You’ll be treated to great food and excellent service at our Eglinton W Mamma’s Pizza restaurant.