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Twists on deep dish pizza

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If you ask anyone they will tell you the deep dish pizza is one of the big favourites that everyone enjoys. We have excellent choices here at Mamma’s Pizza that all include the freshest ingredients.

Because we like to keep things fresh, we did some research about unusual deep dish pizza recipes. Here’s just some of what we found:

  • One recipe actually calls for making miniature deep dish pizzas. Everything is exactly the same with pepperoni and cheese, plus any of your favourite toppings. These little pizzas are just made as appetizers for the real thing.
  • Some people are very health conscious about the kinds of pizza they eat. That’s why we found a great recipe that includes deep skillet deep dish pizza with whole-wheat dough.
  • If you’re looking for something really different, why not try putting bacon and spinach together?

It’s always good to use your imagination when you’re trying to figure out something different for pizza. We can suggest that you use a muffin tray to make bite-size pizza chunks. Here at Mammas Pizza, we’re interested in always presenting fresh ideas to our valued customers. Why not take a look through our menu for something delicious today?