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Unintentional interstate pizza

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Some people like to eat pizza for lunch in their favourite restaurant. Others prefer to have it delivered to their home so they can watch it during the big game. There are lots of places to eat this favourite meal, but we’re pretty sure an interstate highway isn’t one of the preferred locations.

We’ll need to go to the news for an explanation. It seems that the police in Arkansas needed to close down an interstate for four hours the other day. The reason? A tractor-trailer overturned and spilled pizza dough on the road that connects Dallas and other important American cities like Memphis.

Dough on the highways  

Accolades to social media on this one!! One imaginative person tweeted that Arkansas needed more dough to be put into their highway system and not on it.

When you order a pizza from us here at Mamma’s Pizza, you can rest assured we will deliver it to your house piping hot and ready to enjoy. You certainly won’t need to pick up the delicious food that you ordered off one of our highways!

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