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Unusual pizza toppings you’ll love anyway!

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One of the best things about pizza is the endless combinations the toppings have. It doesn’t matter whether you’re floating in the pool or enjoying a slice on your way to work. Getting creative pizza topping combinations is a great way to brighten up your day.

Some of the best ideas for creative toppings come in the middle of the night. For example, someone raided their fridge and came up with this one. They put strawberries, sweet onions and bacon on top of a slice. Sounds like they wanted to make sure to have a bit of a healthy snack too!

Some folks are looking for more of a delicious treat. We came across one creative person who decided that raspberry topping with lemon custard was the pizza topping combination that hit the sweet spot.

Sometimes, it’s not the number of combinations that go on top. One creative blogger came up with only one ingredient that’s a little different. They decided to use honey barbecue sauce on top of their pizza to give it a tangy outdoor flavour.

We found that there were more than a few dessert pizzas that had sweet tooth ingredients  on top. Crumbled cookies and white chocolate were certainly the way to go if you wanted pizza and dessert at once.