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Vancouver Pizza Joint a Haven in the Storm

hot sicilian pizza in Ontario

Everyone who eats this stuff knows how good pizza can be. However, not everyone understands that it can be a real lifesaver. All you need to do to understand how important pizza can be is check out Vancouver’s news. There’s a great story about Mission City Pizza in that city and an ice storm that knocked the power out recently.

Jag Gill is the owner of the pizza joint. When the power went out in a large section of the city recently, his restaurant went dark too. However, he got in his car to secure a generator to keep this small pizza shop open.  His team made deliveries to people who couldn’t get out during the ice storm.

His restaurant became a haven in the storm for many people, especially when family members decided to help make deliveries. One visiting couple from the UK were treated to one of his delicious pizzas.

They later commented on how they left Europe during one ice storm and landed in another one in Vancouver. They were just one of 700 customers who benefited from Mission City Pizza staying open until 10 p.m. that night.

It’s all just another example of how pizza brings out the best in people.